5S Framework

The Hire-Train-Deploy model is based on comprehending and addressing the needs of our clients, thereby finding, training and positioning the right resources who have acquired in-demand skills to boost workforce performance and productivity. The model blends human intelligence with technological advancements, ensuring that you receive the exact skills that you have been looking for in your next employee. The 5S (Source, Screen, Skill, Supply and Support) framework is supported by a wide network of subject matter experts, industry veterans, tailor-made industry-aligned curriculum and robust technologies – all contributing towards bridging the gap between talent demand and supply in a shorter turnaround time.


Our program architects work with your teams to identify organization-wide skill gaps and source suitable candidate profiles that match your requirements.


We closely screen and vet potential candidates, eliminating wasted efforts, time and money in the hiring process.


Our course designers custom build practice-oriented training programs and instructors deliver a seamless learning experience for your talent.


An exclusive hiring pipeline is made available to you, ready to be deployed on the projects, and contribute effectively from day one.


Our end-user support helps the trained and deployed candidates with active access to our trainers, training material and expert counselling sessions.

Technology-Enabled Solutions

To power our bespoke talent supplementation model, we leverage state-of-the-art technology systems, software platforms and digitized content to elaborate and enhance experiences along the different stages of talent management.

Key Benefits

Professional Training Programs

Our certification programs and coding bootcamps are uniquely designed for roles in web development, cloud development, data analytics, UX/UI, cybersecurity and more.

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