A Banking & Financial Services Company Witnesses 55% Increase in Course Completion Rates by Implementing a Game-Based Learning Solution

Our client is a US-based financial services company with high regulatory standards and procedures.

The Ask

The need to continuously train all their new and existing employees drove our client to deliver their trainings digitally for cross-border access and faster rendering. While the launch of their digital training library generated excitement amongst employees, less than 20% of employees actually completed the training, compelling the company to seek an expert solution.

NLL Academy stepped in to identify that the existing training content was being delivered in extremely basic and unengaging formats, hence was not grabbing the attention of the employees.

Our Solutions

NLL Academy implemented game-based elements like leaderboards, challenges, badges, points, competition, rules & rewards to engage the learners.

We decided to upgrade that content into innovative game-based learning modules:

Our in-house specialists worked closely with the client’s Subject Matter Experts to create the gaming strategy within the existing courses

Our content development team created a design based on the learning content, and coded the gaming logic to create captivating activities

The gamified eLearning content was merged with the existing eLearning content and the updated packages were uploaded on the LMS for employees to access



Increase in consumption of content by the employees


increase in course completion rate


learners reported a much better learning experience

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