Modern businesses demand speed and scale and therefore L&D Teams are expected
to take up more dynamic and strategic roles within the organization.

NLL Talent Solutions can help scale the size of your team with quality and vetted L&D professionals, ready to deliver from Day 1. We offer smart and efficient staffing models for short-term and long-term project requirements while seamlessly addressing essential skill gaps in your existing team. This ensures your business remains agile and can focus on delivering phenomenal value to your clients.

The NLL Academy Value Proposition

Access to Global Talent

Our network of 20000+ vetted L&D professionals and 135+ experts in L&D recruiting and talent management provides enterprises worldwide with top-tier L&D talent.

Flexible Engagement Models

We provide diverse engagement models tailored to meet your short-term contracts for specific projects, long-term commitments for ongoing support, or direct-hire placements for permanent staffing solutions..

Driving Scalability

Adapting to evolving educational landscapes requires agility. Our talent solutions allow you to scale your eLearning program or revamp your eLearning strategy based on your business’s evolving needs.

High Touch Account Management

Our personalized consulting model connects your business with the ideal talent. Our client-centric approach delivers customized talent solutions that align with your unique needs and company culture.

Fostering Diversity and Inclusion (D&I)

Our Talent Solutions help to drive D&I in your business by offering access to a vast talent pool from diverse gender, ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds who bring their unique perspectives, skill sets and experiences.

Maximizing impact minimizing costs

Traditional staffing can be expensive. NLL’s Talent On-Demand feature offers you the flexibility of paying only for the services you use, forgoing the cost of full-time staff and related overheads. We also offer you the convenience of hiring offshore without worrying about offshore compliances..

Our Proven Process

01. Strategic Sourcing

We will match the right talent to the right role.

With a substantial 20000+ vetted talent community across 15 global locations, we take a strategic approach to sourcing the best talent ultimately saving you both time and money. Our expert learning talent sourcing team of 135+ recruiters is skilled at attracting top talent by leveraging our network and through targeted sourcing methods like job boards, Facebook/LinkedIn advertising, referral programs and job sites to identify the ideal resources to enhance your team.

02. Rigorous Screening

Cleared Talent is our unique platform that screens candidates and offers a comprehensive candidate portfolio along with video-proctored test results, video introductions and more. The platform helps you to create a personalized pipeline of pre-vetted candidates. As per HR industry analysts, hiring of pre-vetted candidates occurs 60% faster than regular candidates. We pass this reduced TAT benefit directly to our clients alongside ensuring the right talent fits the right role.

03. Client-centric Onboarding

We ensure seamless onboarding for candidates and ensure they are integrated into your team and process. Our high-touch account management approach ensures that candidates consistently deliver maximum results throughout the engagement period, ensuring minimal downtime and peace of mind.

Build Your Personalized Pre-vetted
Talent Community

Hire the best talent 60% faster
than the competition

It’s quick, effective and intuitive!

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Specialized Roles



Learning Solutions







Specialized Roles

Technology CoEs

Cloud (AWS, AZURE)

Get a skilled set of cloud computing (AWS, AZURE) candidates for your technological needs


Hire Java full-stack developers who are familiar with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or any other back-end languages

Robotics & Automation

Hire the best robotics and automation engineers to help your business improve efficiency, speed, quality and performance

Data Science & Analytics

Build a community of data scientists and analysts to help you identify key insights into customers and ways data can be used to solve problems


Find the right SAP, Oracle or Salesforce professional for your business that can improve employee productivity and data communication

Cyber Security

§ Build a strong team to secure your business from data leakages and cyber theft threats

Technology CoEs

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