Popular Digital Learning Trends

The eLearning landscape has seen vast expansion and dynamism after learning and development styles changed post 2020. With many businesses and institutes adopting remote and accessible training, eLearning has become a crucial tool for ongoing knowledge sharing across workforces. With the eLearning industry evolving at an exponential rate, several new trends have emerged to gain traction. Here is a list of some prominent eLearning trends that are currently relevant and will continue to be widely implemented by business across various sectors in the near future.

1.Augmented Reality (AR)
We facilitate interactive experiences through Augmented Reality development by
taking real-time information from your surroundings and using it to superimpose a
computer-generated visual, making it seemingly tangible and real. This builds an
immersive experience that helps learners comprehend concepts better and retain

2.Virtual Reality (VR)
Our Virtual Reality services provide you with dynamic learning modules that integrate 3D visuals and life-like experiences to build an imagined learning environment.Elevate your digital training programs with VR benefits such as experiential learning,higher engagement and better retention.

3.Mixed Reality (MR)
Our training programs based on Mixed Reality implement interactive digital objects into real-world settings by utilizing both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies, where both virtual and physical objects coexist and interact with each other. Your workforce can now practically learn under precisely replicated situations that are otherwise difficult to re-create.

4.High-end Gamification
To make training programs more exciting for learners, we add game-like elements to non-game processes, such as like leaderboards, badge awards, point systems and game levels. Our purpose is to impart information in a fun way by inspiring game-like reactions and engagement from learners.

5.3D Simulation
A 3D training simulation allows trainees to learn and acquire skills through developed simulations of real activities. The 3D simulation offered as part of our courses provides authentic learning experiences that not only helps train faster and better with higher participation of employees, but also mitigates the costs and risks associated with training in the actual environment.

6.Blended Learning Solutions
Our blended learning solutions adopt a combination of the traditional instructor-led sessions and online training. Also called mixed-mode instruction, it is an approach that allows us to easily scale our training programs for you, reach a larger audience in a shorter time and provide access to digital resources so your workforce can revisit them anytime.

7.Mobile Learning
Our mobile learning modules offer short, bite-size micro lessons intended to provide quick information distribution. The units support an ongoing learning process where learners need instant access to pieces of information.

8.Game-based Learning (GBL)
Our game-based learning approach has defined learning outcomes. We create programs that work towards a specific goal, make learners select their actions and demonstrate the consequences of those selections along the way. This is to allow learners to experiment and make errors in a risk-free setting, while actively learning and practicing the best way of problem solving.

9.Video-based Learning (VBL)
The skills or knowledge acquired by teaching via video, Video-based Learning is a highly effective tool in eLearning that decreases cognitive load, grabs viewers’ attention and boosts learner engagement. Our VBL programs promote knowledge consumption, enables on-demand education and improves retention levels.

10.Microlearning Solutions
We facilitate Microlearning in our blended learning solutions and apply them to various delivery methods. Learners are more likely to learn and retain knowledge in the long term when broken down into smaller portions. It is also less intimidating to learn micro lessons as compared to a full-fledged curriculum.

11.Business Simulations
The key objective of offering business simulations in our programs is to equip learners with the necessary business acumen by enabling them to interact in a realistic recreation of their work environment. A simulation game combines elements of cooperation, repetition, competition, feedback and decision-making.

12.Effective Learning Paths
Our learning paths provide a structure to your training program by building on knowledge incrementally. They are designed specially to give learners a clarity of their career track, breaking down course content into manageable sizes, helping learners absorb data and progress smoothly through each module.

13.Scenario-based Learning (SBL)
Our instructional strategy of scenario-based learning helps learners pick their own path on the basis of their responses and preferences. Learners are placed in interactive spots, mostly based on realistic situations, to arouse interest and to prepare them for similar situations in real life.

14.Instructor-led Training or Virtual Instructor-led Training
We offer high value in training through our facilitated teaching experiences through instructor-led training (ILT), and its digital form of virtual instructor-led training (vILT). Our one-on-one sessions with coaches help your workforce grasp knowledge, learn remotely, take tests and communicate regularly with the trainers through a cloud-based platform.

15.Legacy Content Modernization
Modernize legacy courses to make your training programs more responsive, deliver long courses as micro modules and switch between authoring tools. Give a facelift to your employee training programs by making them more instructional and visually rich.

16.Marketing Collaterals
Market the training courses within your organization by identifying and demonstrating value proposition for your workforce. We help you develop a comprehensive strategy to upsell your L&D program while keeping the messaging relevant, contextual and effective.

17.Interactive PDFs
We use eLearning software to add other visual elements such as YouTube videos to your PDFs. Online learners connected to the internet can easily view these videos, click buttons, play audio files, or click the incorporated hyperlinks to navigate eLearning textbooks, resulting in high engagement and immersion.

18.Flash to HTML5 Conversion
With the bygone era of Adobe Flash, it is time to switch to HTML5. We help you make the switch so you receive additional advantages, starting from faster speed and higher responsiveness to security, online recordings and streaming options.

19.Collaboration Platforms
We train your teams in online collaboration tools such as MindMeister for brainstorming, Wrike for project management, Skype for communication, InVision for visualization and prototyping, and Google Cloud’s G Suite for collaborative editing or file sharing.

20.Gamified Assessment
Our assessments play a crucial role in evaluating the knowledge levels of our learners. With gamified assessments, we design effective and accurate tests by integrating gaming elements into the eLearning programs. The tests are categorized as formative and summative assessments.

21.Performance Support Tools (PSTs)
Our Performance Support Tools are perfect for the new-age workforce as these tools facilitate succinct task-oriented tutorials and allow learners to immediately address any job-related challenge or query, helping them strike a healthy balance work and professional development.


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