Bridge The Gap: Become job ready by upskilling

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While on one side corporates have been voicing their concern about a talent crunch or shortage of talent; similarly, candidates have been finding it difficult to get a job. What is it that corporates are looking for and why are candidates not qualifying? When organizations mention the paucity of talent, it often boils down to the shortage of talent that can hit the ground running. But how can one become the talent that corporates are looking for? Turning to educational institutions has been futile due to their dated and sluggish response to enhancing their syllabus offerings with more new-age courses. What’s the alternative? Is there a better solution out there? This search for a solution has resulted in the Hire-Train-Deploy model. Leveraging this model, candidates can become “job ready”. The Hire-Train-Deploy (HTD) solution is a highly customized model that corporates have been adopting wherein hands-on domain-centric experience is offered to candidates, to get them started in their roles.

What makes Hire-Train-Deploy (HTD) impactful?

The Hire-Train-Deploy (HTD) model takes control of the key steps in talent acquisition, i.e., Sourcing, Screening, Hiring, Training, and Deploying. Training in this model creates output similar to apprenticeship programs but at a much faster pace. Having candidates shoulder-surf while others work, goes only so far. However, in well-implemented training, special emphasis is laid on practical training to hone candidates’ skills with related technical instruction (RTI). The model plays a crucial role in accelerating candidates’ journey from campus to corporate. Its “hire first, train later” approach has proven instrumental in motivating candidates and showcasing that the company is willing to invest and nurture them right from Day 1.

Hire-Train-Deploy (HTD)zeroes in on building domain-specific and platform-based skills.

What it means for employees

  • Good opportunity for entry-level candidates to accelerate their campus-to-corporate journey
  • Helps them reskill and upskill themselves as per the market demands
  • Offers equal opportunities to a diverse pool of candidates to spearhead their professional goals

Gains for the employer

  • A perfect way to tap into the young minds that come prepared for their jobs
  • Hire-Train-Deploy (HTD) relies purely on the outcome, bringing quality candidates to the forefront
  • Saves the workforce from becoming proverbial dinosaurs by helping them catch up to the upcoming standards

With the right Hire-Train-Deploy (HTD) partners, candidates can become the sought-after talent and for employers, it comes in handy to co-create a tailor-made talent acquisition strategy that helps bridge the gap by sourcing, screening, training, and onboarding talent for a robust workforce.


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