5 Reasons to Consider Salesforce Development as a Career

Salesforce carved a niche for itself in the CRM marketplace by introducing itself as a software-as-a-service or SaaS company and then promoting the concept of a cloud- based platform for software. Founded in 1999 by American internet entrepreneur and former Oracle VP Marc Benioff, Salesforce was launched with the intent of making software purchases easier. It achieved this by offering a platform where businesses could subscribe to CRM products, as needed. Salesforce made it convenient for companies to use its software as the cloud-based platform was secure, easier to scale, faster to run and more economical to host.

As Salesforce continues to add new products, features and third-party apps on its CRM platform, the ecosystem continues to expand and offer some of the best work opportunities in the realm of technology. One such coveted role is that of a Salesforce Developer. Read on to learn why you should opt to build a career in Salesforce Development.

1. Ranked as the world’s #1 CRM provider
Salesforce has been named as the best CRM provider by International Data Corporation for the eighth consecutive year. Over the years, it has grown its market share and amplified its revenue more than any other CRM vendor. Today, it is the market share leader in IDC segments for sales applications, marketing applications, customer service applications, model-driven application platforms, and enterprise community applications. With an average year-on-year growth of 25%, Salesforce gives you the opportunity to be associated with the world’s most prestigious software and elevate you resume.

2. 129% growth in job postings
Did you know that Salesforce Developer has featured amongst Indeed’s top 10 best jobs with a 129% growth in the number of postings? With its consistent popularity amongst enterprises of all sizes, Salesforce development has grown as an in- demand job skill. Industries beyond IT and ITeS are now seeking the design and development expertize of certified Salesforce Developers as they can tailor the tool to meet the distinct requirements of a business. The overall number of job openings in Salesforce is expected to reach 4.2 million by 2024, offering extensive work opportunities in this field.

3. Annual pay package of $1,24,000
The average compensation of a trained Salesforce Developer is about $1,24,000 per annum. Depending on the project exposure of the developer, the pay may increase. According to Indeed, 70% of Salesforce Developers in the US say that they are satisfied with their salaries and are paid adequately as per the cost of living in their area.

4. Multiple career paths to choose from
Salesforce offers a variety of career roadmaps. While the role of a Salesforce developer usually entails developing customized solutions and writing codes, there is always scope for change. You can grow to assume the role of a Salesforce Architect and pursue solution architecture or platform architecture. Employers, too, support Salesforce professionals when they choose to diversify their role as enterprises often require Salesforce specialists who are focused on more than coding. You also have the option of becoming a Salesforce consultant. Your knowledge and experience as a Salesforce Developer never goes waste, it only broadens your perspective and helps add value if you opt for another role.

5. Engagement with a growth-oriented community
Ohana, the Salesforce community is a highly collaborative and welcoming ecosystem comprising employees, customers, partners and developers. Being part of this group facilitates professional advancement as you will be constantly growing, innovating and receiving ample support and guidance from a vast network of professionals. Today, Ohana is a deep-seated support system that may be nurtured within Salesforce but is extended to everyone connected to it, encouraging engagement and collaboration.

With businesses in dire need for skilled Salesforce Developers, it is vital for professionals to take training and acquire a certification in Salesforce Development. This will guarantee that you not only get the right knowledge and hands-on experience with the platform, but will also ensure a bright lucrative career in Salesforce.

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