Our Hire-Train-Deploy Framework Helped Fill 56 Data Analyst Positions Within 90 Days for a Multi-Billion Dollar Bank

Our client is a multi-billion dollar financial services corporation offering banking services and financial expertise to a strong partner ecosystem of global clients to help them meet their financial goals.

The Ask

To service the multi-billion dollar bank, we needed to urgently fill over 60 open requisitions for Data Analysts. But resources with the relevant project experience were hard to identify and source within the short timeframe at hand.

Our Hire-Train-Deploy model helped the client source, train and appoint skilled data analysts within 90 days and successfully filled 56 out of 60 open positions.

Our Solutions

We carefully assessed the critical skill gaps and customized an end-to-end Hire, Upskill & Deploy program. Our Subject Matter Experts worked with the client’s business team to design collaterals, including an accurate job description, custom courseware and robust time-boxed assessments. Our training ecosystem included:

  • Customized 6-week data analytics curriculum
  • Certified data analytics instructors
  • Hands-on training with industry-aligned capstone projects
  • Real-time progress tracking on
    NLL Learning Management &
    Reporting System
  • Buddy programs to provide mentorship to resources
  • NLL Academy’s training ecosystem: Learning Management System, Code Simulation Platform, Candidate
    Assessment System (IP), Virtual Classrooms & Virtual Machines

The Impact Delivered




93% Positions were filled by NLL Academy

365 days


90 Days

In 90 days resources were successfully trained, certified and deployed




<6% Attrition rate