Cloud Computing For Infrastructure as a Service

An on-demand provision of computer system resources for data storage or computing power, Cloud Computing allows businesses to secure their data, reduce costs and scale up to address increased demands.

Learn To Support Businesses By Managing Computing Resources Online

As the demand for Cloud Computing professionals amplifies, tech companies are seeking to hire engineers and are paying handsomely for their niche skills. NLL Academy aims to create a database of knowledge by offering training in Cloud Computing so you can become a tech pro and work with cross-functional teams, such as software, architecture and operations.

All About Cloud Computing Science

Cloud Computing Process Flow

  • Connection to Cloud Service
  • Computing
  • Storage
  • Database Management
  • Analytics
  • Networking
  • Developer Tools
  • Management Tools
  • Security

Why Cloud Computing Jobs are in High Demand?

  • Companies are investing more in cloud infrastructure rather than physical infrastructure
  • The implementation of cloud computing results in lesser downtime of IT infrastructure
  • Covid-19 pandemic has pushed all companies to migrate from traditional infrastructure to cloud infrastructure for smooth business processing
  • Companies require efficient cloud engineers to handle the cloud services complexities

In-demand Cloud Computing Jobs

  • Cloud Administrator
  • Cloud Architect
  • Cloud Automation Engineer
  • Cloud Consultant
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Cloud Security Analyst
  • Cloud Software Engineer

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Courses and Certifications

Cloud Administration – AWS SysOps

Cloud Development – AWS DevOps

Cloud Architecture – AWS Certified Solution Architect

Data Engineering - Azure DP203

#NextLevelLearning Approach

Live Virtual
Instructor-Led Classes

Training Provided By Subject Matter Experts

Hands-On Experience With Industry Aligned Capstone Projects

Mandatory Soft Skills Training and Interview Preparation Sessions

Careers with Fortune 500 Companies

What we do

We help you remain at the forefront of change by introducing you to an infinite pool of knowledge and information-driven innovation.

Industry Ready Talent

Choose to hire from the readily available pool of talent or train the employees of your organization according to project requirements.

CloudLab Technology Access

24/7 access to pre-installed technology in Cloud Lab allows learners, research scholars and faculty members to practice real-time case studies.

From Ideation to Implementation

We empower trainees by nurturing their innovative ideas and cultivating their skills to build first-hand data analytics models such as AI Chatbots for business predictions.

Wide Network of Industry Experts

We connect the learners with industry specialists and subject matter experts who tutor them on the cutting edge of Data Analytics and AI.

Proficiency Center for Skill Upgrade

We collaborate with universities to develop talent by upskilling college graduates.

Mentorship with Veterans

Our special lineup of industry leaders and consultants helps guide the resources towards the highest degree of precision and professionalism to boost their skills and employability.

Faculty Development Programs

24/7 access to pre-installed technology in Cloud Lab allows learners, research scholars and faculty members to practice real-time case studies.

Prototype Development

Practical training on data analytics prototypes with use case specific solutions allows our resources to master working systems, parallel testing and maintenance.

Domain-deep Adeptness

We identify the potential in students and foster in-depth, domain-deep excellence in the chosen fields of research to uplift resources.