About The Course

Salesforce Developers have the power to tailor the tool to meet the distinct requirements of a business. Salesforce development training allows you to develop niche skills to customize their instance of Salesforce. Due to an increasing skills gap, the demand for Salesforce Developers is on the rise.

Through this course, you will learn how to manage and tailor the technical side of an organization’s Salesforce instance using core technologies like Apex, the proprietary programming language for Salesforce.


Fresh graduates with Bachelors of Engineering or Bachelors of Computer Science or 1-2 years of work experience in IT

Time Commitment

6 weeks full time


Virtual Instructor-Led Training



Course Content

  • Introduction To Cloud Computing
  • Working on Interactive Development Environment
  • What is Force.com
  • Force.com Sample Projects
Data Model Building / Management
  • Introduction to Data
  • Setup Data Sources & Extensions
  • Data Model Building using Salesforce
  • Data Management with Salesforce
  • Introduction to Apex
  • Working with Apex
  • Concepts of Apex
  • Apex Triggers
  • Apex Scripting
  • Apex Classes
Visual Force Development
  • Introduction to Visual Force
  • Standard Controllers
  • Standard List
  • Components
  • Visual Force Binding
Best practices Used in Apex and Virtual Force
  • Apex classes and web services
  • Deployment of Apex
  • Integration of Virtual Force and Email
  • Virtual Force Charting
Capstone Project /Certification
  • Salesforce Developer Capstone Project
  • Salesforce Developer Certification Preparation
  • Mock Test

Why Study With Us?

Trainer Profile Sample

Work Experience

Core Technology Faculty
  • 8+ years of development experience in object-oriented programming Java.
  • Developed Salesforce Managed Unlocked packages for distribution.
  • Implemented Salesforce Lightning Community and Data Security Model.
  • Experience in building custom Lightning applications using Force.com APIs.
  • Developed refactoring patterns and applied in production.
  • Experience in implementation full cycle configuration to meet business needs.


  • Conducted training on Salesforce development & other aspects of SFDC projects within MTX.
  • Extensive experience working with Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Health Cloud.
  • Experience with Salesforce APIs, Apex Triggers and Classes, SOQL, Force.com Tool and Toolkits.
  • Experience in working with Salesforce Workflow Rules and Approvals, Visual Flow, Process Builder and Salesforce limitations.

Education and Awards

  • Master’s degree in Computer Science.
  • Certified Salesforce Platform Developer II (PDII).


Who can join this program?

A minimum Bachelors in engineering or masters in engineering and a person with experience in cloud technology can join this program.

Whether experience is required to join this program?

No, experience is not required to join this program.

How is the market demand for Salesforce Developer?

The demand for CRM tools is going to increase by 40% 2022. Skilled Salesforce developer with a certification in Salesforce Platform have high demand.

Will I get any placement support after completing the program?

Yes, you will get placement assistance from NLL Academy.

What is the average salary of a Salesforce Developer?

The average annual compensation of a Salesforce Developer ranges $ 1, 24,000 per annum in USA, depending on the project exposure.

What are the usual job roles available after completing of a Salesforce Developer program?

After completion of the program you can become Salesforce Developer, Senior Salesforce Developer or Salesforce Developer – SFDC.

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