About The Course

If you are a professional web developer or an amateur looking to learn Angular for web development and interested in building a career out of it, then this program is for you. As one of the most popular JavaScript front-end frameworks from Google, Angular allows you to build a modern B2C and e-commerce web or mobile application as well as a single page web application that runs on a browser.


Graduates with 1-3 years of work experience on HTML, JavaScript, UI/UX, Front-end developers

Time Commitment

12 weeks full time


Virtual Instructor-Led Training



Course Content

Angular Introduction
  • Angular – Introduction
  • Angular App – Bootstrapping
Angular Components
  • Angular Applications
  • Creating Components
  • Decorators
Data Binding
  • Angular Data Binding
  • Types of Data Binding
Angular Animation
  • Animation types
  • Animation Designs
  • What is Forms
  • Different types of Forms
  • Validation Methods
  • Custom Validators
  • Introduction of Angular Directives
  • Component Directives
  • Structural and Attribute Directives
  • Custom Directives
  • Introduction of Pipes
  • Built-In Pipes
  • Chaining Pipes
  • Custom Pipes

Why Study With Us?

Trainer Profile Sample

Work Experience

Core Technology Faculty
  • 12+ years of experience in Software Development and Corporate Training
  • Delivered Angular JS Training for Fortune 500 Companies
  • Trained and mentored software professionals on Front-end Angular JS Technologies
  • Extensive experience in designing and developing virtual courses, content, real life projects, as per the customer needs


  • Database: Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, NoSQL
  • Front-End :
    HTML5,CSS3,Bootstrap,Angular 8,jQuery,JSON, React
  • Programming : Java 11, C#, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, JavaScript, TypeScript
  • Back-End : Spring, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Hibernate

Education and Awards

  • Master/PhD in Computer Science
  • Certification in Algorithms and Mobile Applications


Why Angular?

Angular is highly used front-end frameworks, one needs to have in this technology era. It has powerful features to develop responsive and dynamic web and mobile applications.

Who can join this program?

Those interested in front-end applications/web development/UI-UX development.

How is the market demand for Angular experts?

Most of the front-end applications are developed using Angular and AngularJS and therefore has a huge demand amongst front-end developers in the Tech Industry.

Will I get any placement support after completing the program?

Yes. You will get placement assistance from NLL Academy.

What is the average salary of an Angular developer?

The average annual compensation of an Angular developer ranges between $80,000 and 110,000/- in the USA, depending on the project exposure that the candidate has.

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